Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time for change

Ok I am closing shop on Blogger. I never reached my hundred post mark but I sure did get close. I have set up a website (thank you lahinch design) where I will have a blog from now on.

Cheers to everyone who checked out this blog!


Friday, July 15, 2011

New website underway

Havent uploaded anything in a while due to a new webite that will be launched next week. Heres coffee with Clem.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Down and out in Paris and Lahinch

Operation whitey: May 30th 2010 I went to Paris with a recenty purchased guitar, whitey. After a weekend of musical fun with whitey sadly had to leave it behind with every intentions of going back to get it in a few weeks. This was an interesting trip to Paris though. Sue, Paddy, Peader and myself went over for a few days. Although I didnt bring back the guitar I did get woke at 6 in the morning by peader writing some poem about my nipples and wanted to read it to me along with a nice little music video geraldine made. I quite like this video just for the fact she used the recorded song which I dont actually play on. Sure look the part though.

May 30th 2011. I thought enough was enough and I booked a ticket to get the guitar. A weird thing always happens me when I land in Paris, i lose all motivation for any sort of productive activity but in a really positive way. Positive in the way when I get home im always nice and recharged and ready for work. I ended up only taking 7 photos during the trip (two of them are the first two below) due to this french motivational black hole called Paris.

I went straight to whitey who was at my friends Patrick and Gerldines house, two of the nicest people I have met. Paddy was also there using his tiny computer. For a guitar that is now 1 year old its still brand new. This time I had a ticket booked to bring it home so it was all looking good. Went out with the guys to the quitest nightclub I have ever been in. It was awesome. You could dance while still having the option to hold a conversation with someone. Them french got it down.

Not waking till late afternoon, Paddy and myself not having played music together for a long time went to the park for a while to give whitey some air. This ended up with recording two new songs in the guys one bedroom apartment bathroom while people watched football in the other room. It was a good day. With very rough versions of the songs down we went to a jazz festival just out side the city for an evening of honky tonk jazz.

The next day we decided to go to a open mic in the city. But Paris is full of obsticles when you want to be productive with the open mic being canceled leaving us with the only option of having a few beers. The next morning we got up to fly back with whitey in hand. The trip took 13 hours but now whitey sits beside my desk, success!

Productivity stopped just about here.

I finally worked out the french for coffee with milk and sugar and Paddy knocks it.

Back in Lahinch the land lord waits for his rent money.

Also have Johns projctor for a few days. Nice.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Galway fest

Program for the film festival is out!

Check out Glass if your about the festival on Sunday. Its going to be an early one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome times

Its been a pretty hectic few weeks, first time I have sat down to organize shots. They nearly feel old at this stage.

These first few were from a day a while ago where we scored pretty good. You know when you get two sessions before lunch your onto something good.

Perfect light, wind and waves are rare in summer but it does happen! Spent the rest of this day pretty much passed out asleep for being up so long and swimming so much, definalty worth it though. Got some amazing jelly fish shots im really happy with, (will have to wait for the website to put them ones up). This shot under is Mairead in a dress she really liked. We went on pretty much a 10 minute photo shoot due to crazy weather patterns. Was quite fun shooting while watching the rain about to belt down on you. Throw a bend of a main road with bad visibility into the mix and you have a pretty fun photo shoot. More shots from this morning to follow.

This whitehorse in Kennys is a pretty old one now but certainly was a good one. This two piece shown bellow, Hat fitz and Cara Robinson, was the best gig I have seen in ages. Aussie/Irishy bluegrass for life.

From Kennys I went down to Limerick to screen Paddy Mulcahy's new music video for girl of the mountain. We put on a music video night in the newly reopened wicked chicken with films from Shane Seranno (fox Jaw) walter mitty, benoit and a few more. Paddy and Ben also played sets. Was a good night bar the three hours it took us to set up, we learned a lesson that night, Iron the sheet your using as a screen before hand. Myriam ended ironing it about 30 minutes before the show!

The day after we left Limerick for Dublin to go to another emerald screening of Tuesday. Here are a few bad ass limerick city pigeons myriam and myself meet on our way.

Setting up for the screening (photo by Myriam)

Got back to lahinch where I got to actually go surf for a few days. Went shooting with ollie on a pretty nice evening just before the weekend.

Spent the weekend in Paris on a quest to rescue a guitar I had left there a year ago, felt it was time to bring it home. Will have photos up from that adventure soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burying your life

This is definitely the crankiest I have ever been going to a photo shoot. The only other shoot that I can think of that I was cranky on was some day last summer when friendly old Ray Foley climbed up on an island just to say hello but I was having none of it. He doesn't let me forget it so I reckon that is why its in my head so vividly.

This was a shoot Myriam and I did a few months back for college. We needed to shoot it in a swimming pool due to time constraints and visibility issues which led us to a very early morning shoot. I'm normally a massive fan of early morning shoots but this morning I was not Mr. motivated. This mood quickly changed however when I met an enthusiastic Myriam waiting at the pool.

We shot for about an hour with the increasing worried looks sensed from swimmers caused by the man with the camera in the deep end. We had got the shots we needed plus a few underwater Jim shots so we called it a morning.

On a warm water note, taking photos without the cold Atlantic kicking you in the head is much easier for composition!

The finished product.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lots happening

Lots going on. Massive post to follow in the next day or two.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Havent picked up a camera in a long time

Heres an old one. This is the only wave where Ollie has landed on me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just finished my thesis! Bam!

Just found these on my computer from a day a few summers back where grant and myself went for a drive. I think this was the day where we picked up a guy in the absolute middle of nowhere looking for directions to Essen. We didnt know where essen was but we threw him in the van anyway. Turned out he got a last minute cheap flight to Ireland just for one day! That guy knows how to live!! Thesis done, its officially summer!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The CD that never saw light.

Art work for a demo that never went out. Art by Josie.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Shot by Damo.

Monday, May 2, 2011